Vegan Because...

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Here are some of the answers:

  • I started questioning everything, did my research and established that being vegan was the best option

  • For the animals, for the planet, for my health 👍🏻

  • I watched “what the health” and was honestly mind blown at the stuff I learnt. I went vegan the same day I watched that documentary! 🌱

  • I listened to a podcast with James Aspey about veganism and it made me do loads of research and I had an epiphany!

  • My health, all animals, the planet 🌍 💚

  • Been vegetarian since I was a child, turned vegan after watching earthlings on YouTube 2 years ago

  • I read, I watched, I learnt, I connected, I empathised, I devoted, I am vegan 🌱

  • For the animals & the planet - my health has improved tenfold as an added bonus 😊❤

  • I wanted to know where my food came from. After lots of research and with this running through my mind I took my dog for a walk and came across some lambs in a field running and playing and it hit me how can we love one and punish another! I went Vegetarian that day in March last year and am now doing Veganuary.

  • I’d been vegetarian for 10 years and needed to educate myself about the dairy industry, and consider all animals. I’ve never been happier and have been vegan for just under a year. Just sorry I didn’t make the transition sooner.

  • Because we love and respect all creatures not just the ones we think are cute or allow into our homes. 🙌❤️

  • I'v always loved my pets, and I wouldn’t eat them. Iv always felt a strong connection with animals then it hit me, there’s no difference :-(

  • Meat started to taste weird

  • Because eating animal products would mean ignoring my conscience and I'll never do that again

  • There is absolutely no need for humans to eat animals or what comes out of them. Also stop global warming, please and thank you.

  • I realised how much damage eating meat was doing to my body, it used to make me so bloated and gave me stomach ache. Now I've actually lost weight since going vegan. I tried eating meat once just to see if I'd enjoy it, but it gave me extreme stomach pain and made me feel physically sick after. Since discovering alternatives, I actually find the alternatives more tasty than the real thing!

  • Earthlings

  • My health the animals and the earth!! 💕

  • Because animal lives matter.

  • So many reasons, but what ultimately got me over the line is the fact that I’m a breastfeeding Mama...and I suddenly saw everything through that lens. I couldn’t drink milk that was meant for precious calves. And I couldn’t feed my baby all those harmed vibrations ✌🏼🌱

  • As a nurse I started seeing more and more patients become diagnosed with cancer, so I did my research and it was blinded by the fact that what we put in our bodies has a lot to do with that. Switched up my habits and I’ve been vegan for going on 3 years now 🙏🏽

  • The movie Earthlings

  • I was born with a heart defect and that caused other minor ailments, one being the excess production of catarrh/phlegm. I gave up dairy and within 3 days most of it had dried up and my stomach bloat had gone. However, I found it hard to find just ‘non diary’ products that weren’t vegan, and I don’t eat meat that much anyway so I thought I’d give Veganuary a go. I’m not gonna lie, I miss fish, but I’m sure that’s just a temporary thing. I went to the hospital yesterday and they did my oxygen saturation’s, they were better than they’ve ever been 👌🏼

  • It’s become apparent, without any doubt, that what we consume seriously effects our health. I believe that a plant based diet reduces inflammation in the body which can be the cause of serious disease. Caring for the environment was also a huge factor, as vegan and plant based diets are less harmful.

  • I was vegetarian for 24 years and in early 2017 developed intolerances to milk and eggs. Went vegan for 3 months under the nutritionist's advice but didn't bother reintroducing anything... love the vegan lifestyle and have learned so much about the milk and dairy industry that even as a veggie I wasn't aware of. Never going back x

  • ...because of Kyle O'sull I owe that man everything xx

  • I looked into a cows eyes and saw my dog Maggie, and suddenly everything changed. People and pigs and every other animal, are ALL animals and we all feel. We have all evolved here and there is no necessity for us to kill to live healthily: in fact, it’s better for us not to in every way.

  • For my health and my skin.

  • Eating another being is 🤢🤢

  • It was basically due to all the cruelty, that certainly set me off. But the official turning factor was the day I made an amazing vegan cake. I knew that with this power, I could do it! Cake for life!! 😉

  • Not completely vegan but I'm pretty close. Just the thought that animals get brutally and cruelly killed just so we can survive. Makes me sick 😷 especially the chicks that get gassed just because they're the wrong gender 😭 So sad.


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